Project Management for Salesforce

Easy, repeatable, fast project management for Salesforce

Hundreds of teams trust Taskfeed daily

We believe that project management is for more than only project managers. Join the hundreds of teams tracking repeatable projects in Salesforce with Taskfeed.

Implementations Teams

Implementations Teams

Taskfeed helps your teams get customers setup faster.

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Sales & Pre-sales Teams

Sales & Pre-sales Teams

Team selling requires that you align everyone behind a single plan.

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Professional Service Teams

Professional Service Teams

Plan and deliver your projects in Salesforce including time and cost reporting.

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Great companies trust Taskfeed

Salesforce is the world's leading CRM software and enterprise cloud ecosystem.
AG Mednet is the leading quality compliance partner for image delivery in clinical research trials globally.
PatientPay is the leader in paperless billing for Healthcare.
Nanophase is the global provider of engineered nanomaterial solutions across a broad range of markets.
Stratus Video uses innovative technology to connect healthcare providers with interpreters in over 175 spoken and signed languages in less than 30 seconds, on-demand.
GetCapital is a leading Non-Bank Lender with a mission is to bridge the gap between traditional bank loans and expensive alternative finance products by offering competitively priced, accessible business finance.
Decotech specializes in the decoration of glass bottles and containers for the high-end fragrance, cosmetic, tabletop and giftware markets.

How does Taskfeed work?

Project collaboration between and across teams is impossible when you are using spreadsheets or disconnected apps. Taskfeed brings project management alongside your customer information in Salesforce. 

We believe Salesforce is the perfect home for project management

Salesforce as a platform provides all the essentials required for project management; reporting, files, and collaboration. Taskfeed has been designed to build upon everything that makes Salesforce great.

Andrew Mahood, Founder of Taskfeed

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Amazing customers trust Taskfeed everyday
AG Mednet
Stratus Video